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Clifden House Dementia Care Centre
Clifden House Dementia Care Centre

quality of care should be a given.

The real benchmark is quality of life.

If you have been investigating and visiting care homes in your search for the perfect environment for your friend or relative, you would have come across a lot of similar statements as you browse the brochures and websites.


Each and every home wishes to be more than just a residential and care home for those living there, (and we are no exception). We all provide 24 hour care in purpose built environments ensuring the privacy, dignity and security of our guests. Trained staff work in a homely environment, delivering individual care, and great food!


We all appear the same... but at Clifden House Care Centre, we're also a step beyond.

Respite - Daycare - Short stay

What we do.

Clifden House has a unique philosophy of dementia care, which helps to release the living potential within someone with dementia.


At Clifden House we: 


  • Deal with over-medication and unnecessary prescriptions, allowing the individual to live with their dementia.
  • Deliver the right care at the right time, ensuring that life with dementia need not be one of crisis.
  • Promote a full and active life to be lived now, rather than a future lost, by maximising living potential through activities and choice
  • Alleviate the symptoms of dementia in a purpose built environment

How we do it.

The centre delivers highly qualified and personal care, specifically catering for the needs of dementia residents. We enable the individual to lead an active lifestyle with privacy, dignity and security.


Care plans are at the forefront of care delivery and the input, views and advice of family and representatives are encouraged to improve the quality of life for the individual. In effect we become care partners; counsellor, therapist and friend to each of our residents!

The needs and requirements of the individual are constantly changing, and the Care Team leaders routinely and regularly reassess these needs. 


Clifden House has a professional team, chosen through rigorous staff selection, and qualified to deliver the very best in care. All our team members receive a full induction, ongoing training and continuous improvement at all levels. Regular meetings are held by clinical and managerial staff to review standards and implement changes where required.

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